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Application Procedure

Thank you for choosing RPI College. We are an experienced college in delivering market oriented courses that foster career and personal advancement.

How to Apply

At RPI College we offer diverse courses whose admission requirements is different. The general admission requirement is a basic secondary school certificate in your area of interest.

Step 1. Select the Course/Training

Interested applicants are kindly advised to visit our website and access the Courses menu then select the training/course they are willing to pursue. Alternatively applicants can access adverts on upcoming trainings/programs and register through a link provided. In case you get any difficulty you are advised to call us /email us

Step 2. Consider entry requirements

Considering the training/course selected above applicants are advised to check whether there is any entry requirements, otherwise applicants are free to join any open course/training of their choice. Applicants can contact us by calling through the number provided in the website/ email us /chat with us on WhatsApp

Step 3: Consider the mode of study

Applicants are advised to take into consideration the stated mode of study so that they can prepare appropriately and avail themselves for lessons. Applicants considering online mode of study are advised to have uninterrupted internet connection and a computer/smart phone ready. Our online classes can be accessed through our mobile app, website and video links shared with participants prior to commencement

Step 4: Complete and submit an application form.

Having considered all of the above requirements applicants should complete online/physical application forms which can be accessed through our website and then submit their applications

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