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Individual and Group Financial  Management

This programme aimed at equipping participants with financial skills for boosting management of their personal/group finances and creation of wealth. The programme is designed to address emerging issues in group/personal financial management. Participants are provided with an opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and get to share their challenges and solutions which have worked for others. Join us today for our next class and get a chance to have your concerns resolved

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Accounting and Finance

Kasneb Learning Community

RPI offers tutor led online courses for students Pursuing their Kasneb examination. Additionally, we offer a one month block revision programme aimed at preparing students for their Kasneb examination. Join us today and enroll for any of our Kasneb courses and get your learning concerns addressed



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IT and Programming

Code Academy

The code academy programme caters for people with interest in computer programming. With a basic form four certificate you can enroll for our programming classes and upscale your skills. The world is dependent on IT and this calls for an urgent consideration in building IT resource that will shape the future. RPI recognises the critical role played by information systems and has ensured onboarding of top notch tutors who will deliver value. Enroll for our programming classes today and be part of those who shape the future world

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Graduate Programme

Graduate Training Programme

Job search is not all that rosy for most graduates. Having attained your dream qualification demands that you get an opportunity where you can put gained skills into practice. At RPI College we recognise the challenges most graduates undergo ranging from CV writing, interview preparation, job search etc and by that we have organised a structured training targeting graduate to equip them with necessary skills to face the job market and increase their chances of success. The programme id designed to address critical skills like CV writing, presentation skills, networking and others. Join us today for a Graduate Training Programme and increase your chances of landing your dream career.

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Computer Application Courses

Computer, Ms and Statistical Packages

If you are keen on improving your skills in Management Information Systems, Microsoft Applications and Statistical Packages then you are in the right place. RPI college offers trainings in all of the above packages. The certificate and skills obtained in Accounting and Ms packages will boost your chances of landing your next job. Statistical packages are ensential to researchers in conducting research analysis with ease. Join us today and register for your next class.



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Personal Empowerment Program

All over the world, human beings create an immense and ever-increasing volume of data, with new kinds of data regularly...






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